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We pride ourselves on bringing you individual dish reviews, because we care about the actual food, not just the restaurant vibes. You'll never have order envy again!

Our foodie community is our top priority, meaning you can follow and get inspired by your friends.


Trusted foodies. Honest ratings.
Individual Dish recommendations.

Wadju eat? Wadju think? We want you to have a place to let your world know what appetizer is overrated and which dessert is worth the hype. 

Wadju is a social app meant to connect you, your friends, and foodies around the world to build a community. A community you’d actually trust to influence your next order. 

Connect, discover and tell us… Wadju think?


User Reviews




What is Wadju?


/ wˈɑːd͡ʒuː /


What should I order from this menu? Coming from the English ‘what did you’; can be used in a question, “Wadju order?”, “Wadju eat?”

How do you review a restaurant in Wadju?


Start by searching for the restaurant in the search tab.  Once you’ve found it, you can rate every dish you ate individually! Don’t see your dish on the app? Tap on the ‘new dish’ button to add it.  


You can rate a dish as 1 (bad), 2 (OK), 3, (good), 4 (great), or 5 (amazing). Write your thoughts on the dish, add a picture, and you’re done!


Head to your activity feed to see your ratings and a feed of ratings from our global community of trustworthy foodies, all documenting and discovering standout dishes.

How do you use the Wadju app?


  • Find restaurants and dishes recommended by a community of international foodies. 
  • Discover the best-rated dishes on a restaurant’s menu.
  • Dish it out:  Post ratings and photos of individual dishes.
  • Explore menu ratings from other users and see where other foodies are eating with the Wadju Think page.
  • Make groups and create your own custom lists of who to follow and types of dishes you’re interested in.

Is the Wadju app free?


Yes! The Wadju food app is 100% free to use.  Wadju is a place to keep track of what restaurants you’ve been to and what you liked to eat; perfect for when someone asks “Wadju eat?”. And when you aren’t sure what to eat, our community of friends and like-minded foodies can help!

How can I check restaurants’ dish ratings on Wadju?

Simply open the app, click on the plus sign and search for the name of the restaurant you’re looking for. Restaurants near your current location will show up automatically! If you don’t see your restaurant in the app, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

How do I download the Wadju app?


You can download Wadju’s food rating app today for free on either the App Store or on Google Play.