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The 10 best restaurants in Montreal according to Wadju users


ith its world-class hospitality and mixture of cuisines, you’d better believe that the best restaurants in Montreal know how to serve up a good time. Like any city, however, everyone’s got an opinion of what the best restaurants in Montreal really are.

That’s where Wadju’s global community of trustworthy foodies, all documenting and discovering standout dishes, comes in: They’ve been eating their way through cities around the world, and the best restaurants in Montreal are no exception. We’ve gone through the numbers and reviews, and determined that the names you’ll find below are, without question, the most top-rated places to eat.

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The best restaurants in Montreal

joe beef spaghetti homard lobster
Lobster spaghetti / Photo by My Annoying Opinions

What Wadjers are saying: One of the ultimate restaurants in a city known for its casual take on fine dining cuisine, this Little Burgundy destination is regularly at the top of everyone’s list of places to eat in Montreal. 


Wadju need to eat there: The menu changes often here, but the lobster spaghetti has remained on their menu for a long time for a reason—it’s fantastic.

Dessert / Photo by Ile Flottante

What Wadjers are saying: A small restaurant in the Mile End known for its tasting menus, it’s the next chapter of a highly regarded place known as Les Deux Singes De Montarvie from chef Sean Murray-Smith.


Wadju need to eat there: The seasonal ingredients found on its unreal tasting menus focused on vegetables as well as a selection of meat and seafood.

salle climatisee
Beef tartare / Photo by Cult MTL

What Wadjers are saying: This new-wave French bistro in Little Italy has impressed Montrealers and tourists ever since it first opened thanks to its signature takes on seasonal ingredients.


Wadju need to eat there: Dishes like the beef tartare, asparagus, and green beans are always solid bets, plus the Berkshire pork from Ferme d’Orée. Go for the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

bistro la franquette
Steak frites / Photo by Cult MTL

What Wadjers are saying: A French-style bistro from Renée Deschenes and Louie Deligianis in Westmount known for all kinds of classics as well as creative specials, it’s a destination dining spot that you need to try at least once in the city.


Wadju need to eat there: The steak-frites here are quite possibly one of the best in the city, and dishes like the roasted halloumi with red peppers, pasta specials, and the desserts are all excellent too.

Okonomiyaki / Photo by Ames Lai

What Wadjers are saying: If you’re ever wondering which restaurant people are lining up for in Montreal’s Chinatown around Concordia University, this Japanese restaurant is the reason, and that’s thanks to the level they’re cooking at


Wadju need to eat there: The tuna belly is an absolute must-eat when it’s available, but regular dishes like okonomiyaki with shrimp and the 48-hour sliced pork simmered in soy sauce served in a mildly sweet sauce are excellent as well.

poutine foie gras pied de cochon
Foie gras poutine / Photo by Tastet

What Wadjers are saying: Known for setting the bar for new Montreal cuisine in the city, this French Canadian restaurant takes all the province’s classic dishes and spins them into all kinds of fine dining excellence.


Wadju need to eat there: The duck in a can is so delicious that you won’t want to share, and that goes double for the foie gras poutine that’s been on the menu forever.

garde manger restaurant montreal
Hanger steak / Photo by Tastet

What Wadjers are saying: A premium destination for fine dining in Old Montreal from chef Chuck Hughes, it’s always a good time when you come here, as the service always turns a night into a fun party.


Wadju need to eat there: With ther heavy focus on seafood, you need to try the seafood platters, scallops with gnocchi, or the seasonal crudo—the hangar steak is an amazing plate if you prefer turf with your surf.

Kunafa / Photo by Damas

What Wadjers are saying: This Canadian‑Syrian restaurant in Outremont is among the very best option when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine in the city thanks to its direct importation lines to get the freshest ingredients possible.


Wadju need to eat there: The tasting menus are what you want to get the full experience here, loaded up with dishes like kebabs, shish taouk, fattouch salad, and kibbeh served with mouhammara.

l'express montreal restaurant risotto
Lobster risotto / Photo by L’Expess

What Wadjers are saying: This classic French restaurant in the Plateau is an undisputed favorite thanks to its level of service, expertise in the kitchen, and an incomparable wine list pulling from all kinds of regions of France.


Wadju need to eat there: The steak tartare with fried potatoes, celery remoulade, and shrimp-chorizo risotto are all fantastic, but the dishes of foie gras or onglet with shallot butter are always at the top of everyone’s lists.

Portugese chicken / Photo by Alison Slattery / CN Traveller

What Wadjers are saying: Known as the gold standard for Portuguese chicken in Montreal, this Plateau restaurant is famous for its recipes and lightning quick service. It may be mostly known for takeout, but luckily, there’s a great park nearby to enjoy it in.


Wadju need to eat there: The Portuguese chicken plates served with fries and salad is the one thing you need to order here, especially when it comes with extra piri piri sauce, but the Portuguese chicken and chorizo poutine is also necessary—so get both.

Lemeac restaurant montreal
French toast / Photo by Nicolas Bérat

What Wadjers are saying: This restaurant’s not only the training ground for many of the city’s best present-day chefs, but it lives on as a French fine dining destination at all hours of the day, from brunch to dinner.


Wadju need to eat there: For brunch, you need to eat the french toast made with homemade brioche with chocolate and banana. When it comes to dinner, the beef and salmon tartares, crab cakes, and escargots are all solid bets for a good meal.

les street monkeys restaurant montreal
Wasabi shrimp ceviche / Photo by Restaurant Les Street Monkeys

What Wadjers are saying: This Cambodian restaurant in Verdun from chef Tota Oung has made a name for itself thanks to its rich, aromatic cuisine that gets cooked and delivered with modern flair.


Wadju need to eat there: While they’re coming up with creative dishes all the time, the regular dishes of wasabi shrimp ceviche, fish with amok sauce, and the fried papaya salad are all going to knock your socks off.

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