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The 10 best Korean restaurants in Montreal — and what to order there — according to Wadju users


rom hot stone bowls of bibimbap and tabletop BBQs to japchae and fried chicken, there are all kinds of amazing dishes the best Korean restaurants in Montreal are making.

It’s all discoverable on Wadju, where trusted foodies from around the world come together to share what they think is top-rated food in their cities, and the restaurants behind them. So we asked: What are the best Korean restaurants in Montreal, and what should we order there?

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The best Korean restaurants in Montreal

Ganadara Poutine
Poutine / Photo by Willa Holt

Why it was picked: It’s a growing chain of Korean restaurants popping up all over Montreal. They’re doing fusion dishes and classics that are great to share with friends. especially with a bunch of bottles of soju on the table.

Wadju need to eat there: The bulgogi; chicken and coriander mandu ramyun; or the tteokbokki poutine.

chez bong japchae
Japchae / Photo by Chez Bong

Why it was picked: A Korean restaurant so popular that it expanded to two spots in Montreal; serving up traditional style dishes with amazing recipes.


Wadju need to eat there: The pa jeon pancake with green onions and seafood, or the stir-fried japchae (sweet potato noodles) with vegetables and pork.

omma bibimbap
Bibimbap / Photo by Omma Restaurant

Why it was picked: It has that welcoming home-kitchen taste, with an upscale presentation in a bright and welcoming atmosphere.


Wadju need to eat there: The mandu, homemade Korean dumplings with beef and vegetables or shrimp, and the bibimbap with octopus.

luna kimchi mandu
Kimchi mandu / Photo by Tastet

Why it was picked: A BYOB Korean restaurant in the Plateau known for their great service, where traditional food gets cooked up with a modern twist.


Wadju need to eat there: The tasting menu comes with dishes like kimchi mandu, fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce, shrimp salad, and mochi ice cream for dessert.

bol orange korean restaurant

Why it was picked: A short drive from downtown Montreal, this neighbourhood eatery serves great food at lower costs than most.


Wadju need to eat there: You can’t go wrong with the deopbap rice bowls, galbi (grilled short ribs), and kimbap. Also check out the filling lunch boxes that come with proteins like fried chicken or bulgogi.

dawa chicken
Fried chicken / Photo by DaWa Chicken

Why it was picked: This Korean restaurant in NDG is known as one of Montreal’s best Korean fried chicken spots, served in a casual setting.


Wadju need to eat there: The super tender boneless chicken thigh bites and fried chicken drumsticks served in sauces like pa-dak (soy sauce with wasabi), General Tao, or honey garlic.

KBBQ / Photo by Dan P. on Yelp

Why it was picked: A small but mighty leader in Montreal’s Korean food scene, this family restaurant has been consistently delivering on the classics for years.


Wadju need to eat there: The famous kimchi (the recipe for which is a closely guarded secret), as well as their namesake ssam – BBQ pork wrapped in lettuce and seasoned with ssamjang sauce.

mon ami korean fried chicken
Korean fried chicken / Photo by The Meandering Spork

Why it was picked: A popular chain for Korean food in Montreal, with different locations specialized in everything from Korean BBQ to fried chicken to Mon Ami specialties.


Wadju need to eat there: Their soy garlic fried chicken, the buldak (spicy chicken served on a hot plate with cheese), or the hot stone bibimbap with bulgogi.

petit seoul korean restaurant
Seafood jjamppong soup / Photo by Tastet

Why it was picked: A Mile End classic for Korean food and Wadjer’s go to spot for soups, Petit Seoul serves up quick style meals with great service in a Montreal-style interior.


Wadju need to eat there: The jungshik’s combo of rice, salad, sauce, meat and soup; the jjigae soup with either seafood or kimchi, or the seafood jjamppong soup.

9 tail fox korean restaurant
Tonkatsu pork / Photo by James L. on Yelp

Why it was picked: One of Montreal’s newest and best Korean restaurants, these chefs are taking Korean cuisine to new fine dining heights by combining French techniques with traditional east Asian ingredients.


Wadju need to eat there: The tonkatsu’s panko-crusted and fried pork loin; kalguksu with fettucine and mussels; or the dumplings made with porcini, parmesan and yuja soy.

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