best sushi in nyc

This is what you need to eat if you want the best sushi in NYC


ost neighborhoods have it, but if you really want to know which restaurants are serving the best sushi in NYC, you’ve come to the right place.

Serving the highest-quality seafood outside Japan, many of these NYC spots selected by Wadjers on the dish rating app Wadju, will no doubt astound even the most discerning of sushi lovers.

This is where you’ll find the absolute best sushi in NYC, but if you think something is missing from this list, have your say by photos your own reviews and photos on Wadju by downloading it from the App Store or with Google Play, and rating everything you believe to be the best.

The best sushi in NYC

jojibox nyc
Joji box / Photo by Thomas Schauer / Secret NYC

What Wadjers are saying: Built for New Yorkers and sushi aficionados on the go, this sushi chain in serves the city all kinds of boxed sushi selections that give diners all kinds of options. They all wow here, from flights of fish to chef’s choice packages.

Wadju need to eat there: You can’t go wrong with any box you select from here. If you can’t decide? Go for one of their omakase boxes which give you a taste of the entire menu in one tidy package.

What Wadjers are saying: A culinary gem renowned for its creations, Yasuda’s made a name for itself thanks to its commitment to sourcing fresh, highest-quality ingredients. The minimalist and elegant decor of the dining room complements the artistry of the chefs behind the sushi bar.


Wadju need to eat there: The omakase choice at Yasuda is the way to go, based on the variety of ingredients they have on hand. If you’re looking to order a-la-carte, there are also an assortment of high quality appetizers and salads to tack onto any fish meal.

sushi yasaka salmon donburi
Yaki Salmon Avocado Donburi / Photo by Shelly in Real Life

What Wadjers are saying: Offering a sublime dining experience that tantalizes sushi enthusiasts, this is where you want to go when savoring delicate slices of sashimi or meticulously crafted rolls. Authenticity and precision shine through in every bite here, and it’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a solid night out for sushi in the Big Apple.


Wadju need to eat there: The fried Japanese oysters to start, followed by the yaki-shabu salad, udon soups, and any one of their donburi bowls will satisfy, but nothing tops the sashimi here.

blue ribbon tataki
Hamachi Tataki / Photo by Blue Ribbon

What Wadjers are saying: Each one of Blue Ribbon Sushi’s spots in New York City strike a perfect balance between casual and upscale; making it a go to spot for any occasion, whether that’s a casual dinner with friends or a special celebration. Warm lighting, sleek décor, and attentive staff remains just as consistent as the high quality sushi they serve. Wadju need to eat there: The tataki with tartare and crispy rice appetizers are the best way to start your meal. Be sure to check out their blue ribbon specials for a full tour of the menu.

Wadju need to eat there: The tataki with tartare and crispy rice appetizers will make a great way to start a meal built around their blue ribbon specials that give you a full tour of the menu.

momoya platter
Appetizers / Photo by Momoya

What Wadjers are saying: Whether you’re eating at their Chelsea or SoHo spots, the quality of the ingredients and the food truly shines through in the taste of their menu’s options here. Even better, it’ll come from an attentive and informative staff that’ll walk you through new flavours or deliver what you know you want. 


Wadju need to eat there: Don’t skip on any of the hot appetizers here, from the mushroom osuimono to the nasu-dengaku, while sashimi platters and a range of signature rolls explore new dimensions of sushi.

hatsuyana box
Sushi box / Photo by Geezy B. / Yelp

What Wadjers are saying: Known for its authentic approach, Hatsuhana’s been serving sushi enthusiasts for years, emphasizing its fresh ingredients, skilled chefs, and preserving the artistry of traditional sushi. It’s got a rep as a respected destination for a memorable night out for a reason.


Wadju need to eat there: The toro tekka don, a bowl of rice dressed with lavish cuts of Bluefin toro and tuna with a side of chopped tuna belly & scallion tartar, is a crowd favorite. The hand rolls and carpaccios are delicious too.

Tomo21 Sushi Spicy King Crab
Spicy king crab / Photo by Kenny Yang / The Infatuation

What Wadjers are saying: Thankfully resurrected from a longstanding sushi restaurant known as Tomoe Sushi, they may have changed names, but the level they’re making sushi has remained intact—if not improved. Even the chef’s stayed the same, so it’ll wow folks who know about it as much as it will impress the uninitiated.


Wadju need to eat there: Not only is it a place to get some delicious rolls (and byob!), it’s also a great spot to try ingredients you don’t find often, like natto.

Nami Nori sushi the triple
The triple / Photo by Nami Nori

What Wadjers are saying: Nami Nori made a name for itself through its creative and innovative approach to sushi; mainly through its use of temaki hand rolls, all crafted with a variety of unique and flavorful ingredients. It’s a modern and casual dining experience here, making it a favorite spot for those looking to enjoy high-quality sushi in a relaxed setting.


Wadju need to eat there: Try the hand rolls with a savory sauce, made with either wagyu beef, scallion, cucumber, or lobster tempura. The uni sashimi is unforgettable, but whatever you do order, don’t skip out on the matcha tiramisu for dessert.

kazunori lobster handroll
Lobster handroll / Photo by Kuzunori / Eater

What Wadjers are saying: Offering a minimalist menu featuring choice ingredients and a variety of hand roll options in a modern setting, it’s all about simplicity and purity of a traditional sushi style at KazuNori. It has become a staple spot that’s expanded well beyond NYC for good reason—the level of quality here is great, without a doubt.


Wadju need to eat there: Hand rolls are the main attraction here, and you can choose from various combinations to create your own custom hand roll set, but you need to make sure it includes the lobster options with avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo.

domodomo box
Sushi box / Photo by DomoDomo / Doordash

What Wadjers are saying: While this sushi restaurant in NYC might look upscale, it’s modest at the same time, making it attractive to all New Yorkers and sushi lovers alike. It’s just as good for celebrations as it is for a casual night out. Whatever you order, it’s pure magic spun from nori, rice and fish. 

Wadju need to eat there: You need to try the signature Domokase and its collection of sushi, dishes like miso Chilean sea bass, sweet chili sauce-glazed shrimp served on Korean pear, temaki with truffle oil, and much more.

So that’s it, the best sushi in NYC according to Wadjers who have submitted reviews of the restaurants they loved the most. Think you know of spots that deserve a place on this list? Download Wadju on the App Store or with Google Play, and start rating restaurants and dishes today!

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