best pizza toronto pizzeria badiali

A guide to the best pizza in Toronto in 5 pies and slices


hen it comes to deciding what the best pizza in Toronto is, the choices are as diverse as the city itself - from Classic Neapolitan to hearty deep-dish - there's a slice for every palate.

The passion for pizza in this culinary city has led to the proliferation of hundreds of remarkable pizzerias, each offering its unique spin on this beloved dish.

Time-honored classics, innovative and fully loaded creations, and more, these pizza joints offer a taste of heaven on earth. And the best part? You can enjoy them all either in-house or in the comfort of your home with convenient takeout and delivery.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the best pizza in Toronto.

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Eat these 5 slices and pies to taste the best pizza in Toronto

best pizza toronto pizzeria badiali
Burrata Marinara pizza / Photo by @pizzeriabadiali / Instagram

Pizzeria Badiali, an inviting neighborhood slice shop nestled at the corner of Dovercourt and Argyle, delivers a taste of New York-style pizza with a classic Italian twist. 

One essential dish to order at Pizzeria Badiali is the burrata marinara, a delightful pizza topped with creamy burrata, aromatic basil, and a crispy layering of pecorino and Padano, resting on a blistering thin crust, making it a true standout on their menu.

best pizza-toronto one night only
Spicy Potato pizza / Photo by Fareen Karim / BlogTO

One Night Only Pizza, a hidden gem in Toronto, is renowned for its delectable 16-inch thin-crust pies, served from a cozy storefront that carries the charm of the home kitchen where the Pollard family’s pizza-making journey began.

One dish that stands out at One Night Only Pizza is the spicy potato pizza, which features a unique combination of a garlic and basil cream base, smoked mozzarella, thin potato slices roasted to perfection, jalapenos for a kick of spice, pickled red onions, and fresh basil; delivering a delightful medley of flavors and textures that make it a must-try.

best pizza toronto superpoint
Capicollo Pizza / Photo by @chrisnaidu / Instagram

Superpoint is a chic wine bar and Italian-inspired eatery crafted by Jesse Fader and Jonny Poon of Bar Fancy, featuring natural and biodynamic wines and a compact yet eclectic menu.

A standout dish to savor at Superpoint is the Capicollo pizza, boasting a light and crispy crust that beautifully cradles sharp cheese, savory ham, and briny olives. This dish delivers a delightful combination of flavors and textures that makes it an irresistible choice.

best pizza toronto piano piano
Sweet Hornet Pizza / Photo by Fareen Karim / BlogTO

Piano Piano, the St. Lawrence outpost of a beloved Italian eatery, offers a whimsically designed multi-level space combining old-world charm with a circus theme while serving up delicious Italian fare. 

One essential dish to indulge in at Piano Piano is the Sweet Hornet pizza, a crowd-pleaser that boasts a delightful blend of fior de latte, spicy soppressata, black olives, and a drizzle of hot honey on top, offering an irresistible mix of sweet and spicy flavors that make it a standout choice. And each pizza is served with scissors for a personalized slicing experience! 

Classic Pepperoni pizza / Photo by Fareen Karim / BlogTO

The Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria offers a unique dining experience in Toronto, combining a casual and comfortable atmosphere with an iPad-based ordering system designed to simplify the process for both diners and staff.

One dish that stands out at The Fourth Man in the Fire is the classic pepperoni pizza. The 18-inch pizzas are made in a loosely retro American Midwest style, using house-made dough with Caputo 00 flour, a house sauce with San Marzano tomatoes, and a blend of whole milk mozzarella plus three other cheeses, resulting in a delightful and generously-sized pie finished with a frilly shaving of parm. This pie is an exceptional choice for pizza enthusiasts.

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