best lobster rolls in Boston

A Wadju guide to the best lobster rolls in Boston


ou can’t eat in Boston without having a lobster roll. A beloved New England classic - it sparks passionate debates about the right way to enjoy it.

Whether you prefer yours cold and creamy with mayo, or hot and buttery, this city offers an array of options to satisfy your lobster roll cravings.

From traditional renditions to inventive variations, Boston’s seafood scene has something for everyone. In this guide using reviews from Wadju users—Wadjers—we’ve curated a list of the top-rated spots where you can savor these delectable rolls.

So, gear up for a lobster-filled adventure right in the heart of the city.

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These are the best lobster rolls in Boston right now

best lobster rolls boston pauli's
Photo by Dave Baldwin / Thrillist

Pauli’s, located in Boston’s North End, stands out for their impressive lobster rolls – notably, the colossal USS Lobstitution – a 28-ounce delight filled with generous helpings of knuckle and claw meat, complemented with mayo and served on a sub roll.

The restaurant offers a variety of sizes to cater to diverse appetites. Whether you’re hungry enough to tackle the mammoth roll or opt for a smaller version, Pauli’s is a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts in search of a hearty lobster roll experience.

best lobster rolls boston neptune oyster
Photo by Everywhereist

The lobster roll at Neptune Oyster in the North End is hailed by some as the best in Boston. Served on a toasted brioche roll, this lobster roll is served in two delectable ways: hot and buttered or cold with mayo.

What sets Neptune’s creation apart is not just its exceptional flavor but its substantial size, ensuring a more than satisfying seafood experience.

When you visit, be prepared for a wait, as Neptune Oyster is a beloved dining hot spot. We promise you’ll think it’s worth the time spent in line once you take the first bite of your lobster roll!

best lobster rolls boston woods hill pier 4
Lobster Popover / Photo by Woods Hill Pier 4 / Facebook

Woods Hill Pier 4 sets itself apart with a distinctive lobster roll that challenges tradition.

While most lobster roll shops opt for the classic New England-style hot dog bun, this waterfront gem serves its lobster roll on a warm, split popover.

Perfect for brunch enthusiasts, the roll features local lobster mixed with crème fraîche, celery, and red onion offering a unique twist on a classic.

The airy, croissant-like texture of the popover adds a delightful, buttery element and completes the experience.

With stunning waterfront views, the Woods Hill Pier 4 lobster roll is the best in Boston for those seeking a new twist on a classic – and a delectable pic for their Instagram!

best lobster rolls boston saltie girl
Gloucester Lobster Roll / Photo by The Food Lens

Saltie Girl pays homage to the lobster fishers of Cape Ann with its Gloucester lobster roll, served either hot with beurre blanc and lobster roe or cold with mayo.

The warm version boasts luscious toppings and is perfect for a cool summer night, while the cold rendition offers a delightful twist for those seeking a refreshing roll.

With their recent move to a more spacious location, Saltie Girl welcomes guests to savor the lobster rolls without the need for early reservations, making it easy to enjoy their delicious lobster accompanied by housemade sea salt and vinegar potato chips.

Row 34’s Chef, Jeremy Sewall, comes from a family of fisherman and seafood enthusiasts – and it shows in their classic lobster rolls.

These rolls come in two tempting varieties: a creamy, cold version and a warm, buttery rendition.

The cold roll blends fresh lobster meat with mayonnaise, pickles, celery, lemon juice, celery salt, kosher salt, and pepper for a traditional flavor.

For a richer experience, try the hot roll, featuring sweet lobster meat dressed in melted butter and salt.

Hailed as one of the best seafood spots in town, Row 34’s lobster rolls are not to miss.

Make sure you check out their namesake Oysters while you’re there, too.

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