From hot stone bowls of bibimbap and tabletop BBQs to japchae and fried chicken, there are all kinds of amazing dishes the best Korean restaurants in Montreal are making. It’s all discoverable through Wadju, where trusted foodies from around the world come together to share what they think is top-rated food in their cities, and the restaurants behind them. So we asked: Which are the best Korean restaurants in Montreal, and what should we order there?

With its world-class hospitality and mixture of cuisines, you’d better believe that the best restaurants in Montreal know how to serve up a good time. Like any city, however, everyone’s got an opinion of what the best restaurants in Montreal really are. That’s where Wadju’s global community of trustworthy foodies, all documenting and discovering standout dishes, comes in: They’ve been eating their way through cities around the world, and the best restaurants in Montreal are no exception. We’ve gone through the numbers and reviews, and determined that the names you’ll find below are, without question, the most top-rated places to eat.